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BGT Materials announces first order for Graphene Security; Graphene Light Bulbs scheduled for UK delivery

BGT Materials, the graphene technology company based in Manchester, UK is pleased to announce it has received the first commercial order for its subsidiary, Graphene Security. Over the last two years, BGT Materials has successfully transformed from raw material provider into a technology incubator company. 

Graphene Security, registered in the United Kingdom in 2015, develops revolutionary flexible, breakable and green wireless antenna solutions.  The first application is in the RFID industry where graphene is used as the antenna inlays. Graphene Security demonstrated this technology most recently in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as part of a prestigious invited talk.  Graphene Security is also set to present at the RFID Journal LIVE! in Orlando, where it has been shortlisted for the best new product.

BGT Materials has also a second subsidiary, Graphene Lighting, registered in the United Kingdom in 2014. Graphene Lighting designs and manufactures next-generation LED lighting, using graphene as a thermal dissipation solution. It has developed the Graphene Light Bulb, featured in news media including the BBC, the Economist and others. A full product rollout is underway which includes a full range of home, commercial and street lighting.

Sales and marketing efforts have been ongoing for the last 3 months for both companies and Graphene Security is now pleased to announce it has secured its first commercial contract.

BGT Materials CEO Dr. Chung-Ping Lai said: “BGT Materials has a broad graphene expertise and good engineering knowledge which allows us to tap into the wealth of this wonder material’s properties. We carefully select products where graphene can have a significant impact, and large markets where we would enjoy strong product competitiveness, green production and ease of consumer reception.”   

Graphene Lighting Vice President Dr. Liam Britnell said: “We are pleased with our progress over the last 6 months where we have seen Graphene Lighting shift from the feasibility stage and pilot production to full product range rollout. We expect the first few thousand Graphene Light Bulbs to be shipped to UK by the end of April and we remain confident in our ability to capture part of the $80bn lighting market”.

Graphene Security Vice President Dr. Thanasis Georgiou said: “The securement of this first order for Graphene Security is compelling evidence that we have a uniquely engineered product which is competitively priced while delivering a number of other characteristics including green manufacturing process, easy scalability and unrivalled performance.”

Commenting on the recent accusations towards BGT Materials by the Sunday Times, Dr. Georgiou added: “The Sunday Times failed to provide any evidence for their defamatory claims, and we stand together with the University of Manchester and Sir Andre Geim’s recent article in rejecting these claims.”


Going forward the company is laying the groundwork for floatation in the London Stock Exchange later this year as a UK registered company.

Dr. Lai added: “We have demonstrated our ability to commercialise graphene and bring its greatness to society. We have seen that we can make much greater strides by using graphene in our own products, rather than simply providing raw materials. Our business model remains the same: develop a graphene-enhanced prototype and subsequently spin-out a separate commercial entity to bring the product to market. We have done this with Graphene Lighting and Graphene Security and we aim to repeat this with more company projects which are currently in the pipeline.”